Expectation price of a wipro

expectation share price of a wipro 2023,2024,2025,2026

Wipro is the  one of the largest IT company in india 

Wipro is expended over 66 country in the world  company make a plan to achive a 500 price per shar in 2024

In every area of a business IT play a important role  2025 expectation 900

Wipro  company annualy income 600+ billion  and ecpectation of per share price in 2027 is 1400 and target is  a 15000

Wipro company having a 13  ho in india and try to developing more  and 2028 price per share is a 2220

Wipro company never disaapoints  his share holder and invest with the complete  deep learning

Invest money and  make  a wealthier life  and without learning never investing  in share market