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5g service launch in India; 1october

5g service

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to launch 5G services on October 1 at India Mobile Congress (IMC) in New Delhi.

5g is the fastest communication network in the world

5g service

What has been india’s jorney after 5g

In 2017, the government had set up a high-level forum comprising representatives from the industry, academia, government and regulators to evaluate and approve the country’s roadmap for rolling out 5G. The main agenda of this forum was to keep India’s roadmap for 5G aligned with the global standards so as to prevent the lack of homogeneity in global telecom networks that was witnessed in services up till 4G.



OCTOBER 01, 2022 / 10:14 AM IST

5G Launch Live Updates:

5G technology will provide seamless covera, high data rate, low latency, and highly reliable communications. It will increase energy efficiency, spectrum efficiency and network efficiency.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will on Saturday launch the 5G telephony services, ushering in an era of ultra high-speed internet on mobile phones. 5G will be launched by the Prime Minister in select cities today and it will progressively cover the entire country over the next couple of years.

The cumulative economic impact of 5G on India is estimated to reach USD 450 billion by 2035. The cumulative economic impact of 5G on India is estimated to reach USD 450 billion by 2035.


Capable of supporting ultra-high-speed internet, the fifth generation or 5G service is expected to unleash new economic opportunities and societal benefits, serving as a transformational force for Indian society.

Earlier, Communications minister Ashwini Vaishnaw had also said that PM Modi’s vision is to build 5G parallel to global standards and lead the world in 6G technology.

The cumulative economic impact of 5G on India is estimated to reach USD 450 billion by 2035.

According to the Ministry of Communications, the launch of 5G services follows years of intense preparation. Recently, 5G spectrum auctions were conducted successfully and 51,236 MHz was allocated to Telecom Service Providers with a gross revenue of 1,50,173 crore.

The auction aggregated the demand for a robust 5G ecosystem that can cater to its use cases involving IoT, M2M, AI, Edge Computing, Robotics etc.

Apart from the 5G launch, PM Modi will also inaugurate the 6th edition of India Mobile Congress 2022 (IMC-2022) which is to

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5g improve the india’s feature ;

after launching the 5g in india . India will grow more and this 5g network is very strong  and our india economy got a  massive boost. indiaa has now done it now everyone experince world’s fastest 5g network

5g helps future ;

5g helps to boost pepole incomes


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