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Icmr cyber attack a second attack after AIIMS

ByHarsh Rajput

Dec 6, 2022
cyber attack

After AIIMS, hackers attack ICMAR  website 6000,times in a day .

A new  cyber attack on the  india govt. organisations ,After the attack on the aiims server the cyber attackers have intensifies the attacks on other  health and research  organisations websites and patient information system in India  What happen on the digital  India .

cyber attack

“on Nov 30, the Cyber hackers tried to attack the Indian council of Medical Research’s (ICMAR) website for more than 6000 times ina spam of 24 hours a government official from National informatics centre (NIC) on condition of  anonymity told Money control .

when ask from the detalis of the attackers , The officials said that the series of attacks in ICMAR  website made from the Honk Kong based blacklisted ip address

The attackers were blocked but they couldn’ succeded . WE have alerted the teams about it  . If the firewall and some loopholes , then the attackers might have succeded in breaching the security if the website , ” the NIC official said .

According the officials the nic has asked the government to keep audate d the firewall

According to the NIC guidelines are to be followed religiously  . The government  organisations have been advised to updated the security patches of operating systems , he added

According to the current conditions in the world the cyber attckers is increases constntly   for preventing the thius types of annoymiously activity we have to produced more cyber security enginners in the world there are laack pof cyber security enginners we have to mover on the cyber  security adn now a times a different country are not engaed in the war  but they were engaged through cyber attacks they attacks on the govt. organisation to leaks the data and records it is so harmful for the entire country

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